Sketching And Drawing Ideas That You Will Love!


Sketching and drawing is a best way to relax your mind. If you are new in sketching or a begginer you must check this blog. I hope it will help you. So, Today, I will share two (step-by-step) easy sketching and drawing ideas that you will love. So, let’s go!!

Idea # 1: ( Sketching or drawing a rose )
  • Draw two circles.

You have to draw one big circle. You can draw a circle as big as you want to draw your rose. I have drawn them smaller because I had to show you all the steps.

  • Draw some leaves.

I have drawn two leaves on both of the sides. You can draw as many as you want.

  • Write a “c”.

Write a “c” in your circle, as shown in the picture.

  • Continue writing it.

Continue writing “c” in your circle, as shown in the picture, until your rose is complete.

Your rose has drawn!!

Idea # 2: ( Sketching or drawing a rabbit )
  • Draw an upside-down “c”.

You can draw an upside-down “c” as big as you want your rabbit to be. Add two little circles in it that will be our rabbit’s eyes.

  • Write an “u”.

Write a “u” joining the upside-down “c” to make the body of a rabbit. Add another upside-down “c” between the eyes to make a cute little face.

  • Add ears and hands.

Write two “U” at the top of the rabbit’s head to draw ears. Add two more vertical “U” in the body to make hands.

  • Final touch.

Color the circles black, which you have made for eyes, and add two little feet at the bottom of your rabbit.

Your rabbit has drawn!!

I hope you will like these two ideas!


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