Paint by Numbers


The origin of paint by numbers started back in the 1950s. Even after 70 years, it continues to be widely loved today. Therefore, the question is: Who was made this artistic concept?

Dan Robbins, a talented commercial artist, invented it. His brilliant idea of making painting accessible to everyone left a lasting legacy.

Which paint-by-numbers kit was the original classic?

The artwork was named Abstract No. One. It showed a water jug and fruit bowl and celebrated abstract expressionism. It had unusual shapes, bright colors, and bold lines. Some people bought the kit out of curiosity, but it didn’t attract everyone with painting skills. So, Dan Robbins and a new team of painters developed a backup plan. They created a series of landscape and portrait kits that were easier to paint and more appealing to a larger audience. Luckily, these simple paintings became even more popular.

How can we do it:

Paint by numbers is an easy process that involves following a code. The image will split into different shapes, and each shape will give a number that represents a particular color. By following the pattern, you can create a beautiful painting that is uniquely yours. If you want to do it, you should have a kit.

From where can we buy paint-by-numbers kits:

You can buy them from: ( these all are online websites )

  • Amazon
  • Paint Vibe
  • Canvas by Numbers

Paint by numbers simplifies the art process, making it easy and accessible for people of all ages, including beginners. You don’t require prior experience or expertise to create abstract paintings. Match the numbers with the paint colors, and you will create stunning artwork.


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