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Ohuhu Markers is a product of Ohuhu company that sells markers, colour pencils, pencils, pointers, paints, canvases and many more. Today, I will tell you about Ohuhu markers, their types, and their uses. I will also tell you the honest reviews about these markers.

Ohuhu is a Chinese company owned by Yiwu Thousand Shores E-Commerce Co. Ltd. It was founded in 2013. It sells markers, paints, colour pencils, canvases and many more.

What kind of markers does it sell:

Ohuhu company sells different kinds of markers according to their ink and tip type:

Markers based on inks:
Alcohol Markers

These markers have alcohol ink. They are permanent and dry very fast. These markers are very nice to draw lines as they do not spread.

Benefits of using alcohol markers:
  • It blends more nicely.
  • It has vibrant colours.
  • It has colour code mentioned to it.
  • They are permanent.
  • They dry very fast.
  • They do not spread.
Water Makers

These markers are like watercolours. They dry late and are less permanent. It is easy to blend them. You can gift someone these markers, especially to children.

Benefits of using water markers:
  • They feel like watercolours.( you do not need to purchase water colours separately )
  • They are less permanent.
  • Easy to blend.
Oil markers

I hope you have understood about these markers after listening to their name. The nib of oil marker’s is coloured with oil. They dry faster than water colours but not as fast as alcohol markers. If you are going to use these markers, you should worry about the paper on which you are going to use these markers.

Benefits of using oil markers:
  • Dry faster than watercolour.
Ohuhu markers based on tips:
  • Fine tip marker.
  • Brush tip marker.
  • Chisel tip marker.
  • Extra wide tip marker.

What type of work can you do with these markers:

  • You can do doodling using a fine-tip marker.
  • You can do calligraphy using a brush marker.
  • You can do sketching and then fill colour in it using ohuhu coloured pencils.
  • You can draw characters and colour them using a brush pen or markers.
  • You can do fabric paint with its marker on the fabric.
  • You can highlight your work.

You can do many more with these markers.


These markers are liked all over the world and are the best markers. If you are going to buy markers from this company you can buy them. It’s a very nice product.

Our recommendation:

Ohuhu Liquid Fine Liner Pens 9 (nine) Sizes Pigment Black Ink Micro Pens for Sketching Alcohol Markers 40 (forty) colours Chisel & Fine Dual Tips Art Marker Set

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Ohuhu markers price in Pakistan:

Ohuhu markers cost approximately 17933.00 PKR.

If you want to buy you can click on this link: ohuhuglobal.com

Check it out you will get more ohuhu products in this website ohuhuglobal.com

 Sketchbooks of ohuhu:

Ohuhu company also sells sketchbooks.

Ohuhu marker organizer:

Can you believe that ohuhu company also marker organizer!

Marker bag for ohuhu markers:

Ohuhu company also sells bags for their markers.

Ohuhu company also sells bag for different sizes, but currently some of them are out of stock.

Nibs for ohuhu brush markers:

Ohuhu company also sells nibs for their brush markers.

Ohuhu Gift box:

It also sells gift box that costs around 29,000.

What does gift box contain:
  • 72 (seventy two) alcohol markers.
  • Stickers.
  • 16 (sixteen) colouring sheets.
  • A marker colour pad or sketchbook.
  • A gift bag ( empty).
  • A gift box ( that includes all these things).

That’s all is included in the gift box!!


So in the conclusion, I would like to say that you should start colouring not with ohuhu markers but with any kind of markers or colour pencils. You must be curious why am I suggesting you to start colouring? So, the reason is I have also tried colouring and it is so much fun to do. You can also do sketching, if you want. Sketching is also a nice and creative hobby, infact my hobby is sketching too.

Colouring and sketching are included in mental activities. Now, the question raise why they are included in mental activities? They are included in mental activities because it helps your brain to grow. But how? Have you ever noticed, that when you are sketching your brain generates ideas for you. So the phenomenon is you gather your ideas in your mind and then you draw that imagination on page or sketchbook. These kinds of activities are very healthy for your brain and helps your brain to grow.

Art that includes sketching, drawing, colouring etc is a very relaxing hobby to try, it can be a source of income as well. You must be thinking how? You can create a youtube channel and upload videos related to sketching and drawing. I have noticed that people like sketching and drawing videos. So, you can try to make your sketching better and then you can use it as a source of income. It can be a great use of your hobby and you can generate your side income from it. If you are a student, this idea is perfect for you to generate income!

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