All You Need to know about Lens Crafter!

What is Lens Crafter:

Lens Crafter is a big company that sells glasses and sun-glasses to help people see better. They have stores all over the world. They have eye doctors in their stores who check your eyes and find the best glasses for you. The main office of Lens Crafters is in Mason, Ohio, which is near Cincinnati in the US. Lens Crafters, which was established in 1983, is the biggest company in the United States that sells prescription ( prescription is a is a special note that a doctor gives you when you need medicine. It tells the pharmacist what kind of medicine you need and how much you should take. So, it’s like a special recipe for your health! ) eyewear. They have 917 massive stores spread all over the country!

Questions about lens crafter:

Here are some common questions and their answers.

How expensive is it to get an eye exam at Lens Crafters?

The eye exam in lens crafter ranges from $50 to $100. Maybe it’s not the price on your side because of location and type of exam.

Can you have a copy of your doctor’s note at lens crafter?

If you want a copy of your doctor’s noteĀ  you can call at their customer care at 877.753.6727.

Is it possible to use your vision insurance for online purchases?

They gladly accept many vision insurance plans, such as FSA and HSA.

How much time does it usually take to receive the glasses you ordered from lens crafter?

It can take approximately 3 – 7 days because different prescriptions may require various finishes and other special features.

How expensive are the lenses at lens crafter?

The price of lenses can change depending on what they are made of, what they can do, and the specific prescription you need.

Why can’t we buy all of the lenses from Lens Crafters online?

Because some lenses are really complicated, the people who make lenses have decided to only sell certain types of lenses in their stores.


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