All About Mandala Art


In Sanskrit language, the word ‘mandala’ means a circle. Mandala art are commonly circular diagrams or designs. Mandalas have the power to inspire and heal. I have experienced a sense of inner peace through practicing mandala.

Researcher says that it is associated with Hinduism, Buddhism, Tibetan Buddhism, and Jainism. They can represent deities and serve spiritual purposes in these religions. Creating a mandala can transport you to a world of relaxation and serenity.

Circular mandalas are often created by starting from the small inner circle and gradually expanding towards the outer circles. Each person can use their creativity to make unique patterns.

Creating it is all about expressing your creativity and having patience. It is a satisfying and meditative practice. You don’t need prior knowledge or special tools to begin your journey into this art form. Just let your thoughts guide your hand and start drawing.

Types of Mandala art:

It has many types:

  • Sand Mandala art

Buddhist monks and Navajo cultures have utilized sand mandalas for centuries as a customary and spiritual practice. These elaborate patterns incorporate diverse symbols created from differently colored sand, symbolizing the transient nature of human existence.

  • Teaching Mandala art

Teaching mandalas are symbolic representations of philosophical or religious systems. Each shape, line, and color in these mandalas represent a different aspect of these systems. The creators of these mandalas design and construct them based on certain principles, projecting a visual symbolization of their knowledge and learning. These mandalas serve as colorful mental maps for their creators.

  • Healing Mandala art

Meditation and inspiration of serenity, concentration, and wisdom make these mandalas. They are more intuitive than instructional mandalas.

Some benefits of Mandala art:
  • It enhances the immune system’s strength.
  • It improves your creativity.
  • It relieves our stress.
  • It helps in the understanding of different geometric shapes.
  • It has healing powers.

At last, I want to say Mandala art is a form of art. It is a very relaxing and satisfying process. I recommend you to try it once in your life.

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