3D Art and Some Examples How You Can Draw It


Three-dimensional art is called 3D art. Artists create any form of art in three dimensions is called 3d art. It is opposite to two-dimensional art, like drawings. Different methods, including sculptures, paintings, and photographs, can create 3D art. Let’s do it practically so you can understand it easily.

Let’s draw a cube:
  • Draw a “L” shape. 3D cube drawing
  • Now, draw another “L” shape but this time draw it upside down. So, it looks like a square.
  • Draw another square so, it can look nice.
  • Now, add lines to join your cube.

Your 3D cube is finished.

Let’s draw a car:
  • Draw 2 circles and lines joinings those circles as sown in picture.
  • Draw more lines tracing that lines.
  • Now, draw upper body of car so it can look beautiful.
  • Add glass and doors of the car.
  • Ddd some details and color it.

Your 3D car is finished.

Let’s draw a cylinder:
  • Draw a circle.
  • Draw two lines coming out of the circle so it can look like that it is standing.
  • Join the lines by a curved line as shown in the picture.

Your cylinder is finished.

Let’s draw a chair:
  • Draw a square.
  • Draw two doubled lines going upside.
  • Join the two lines with a doubled line.
  • Draw it’s legs so it will look good.
  • ┬áColor it so you can show it to your parents.

Your chair is finished.

Some more about 3d art that is it graphic or not:

So, as you know that graphics art is a type of art that is made using computer software and is two-dimensional. And on the other hand, 3D art is a form of art that is three-dimensional as I have told you about it that it is made using physical materials like clay, metal, and wood.

True 3D art can be displayed in different forms, like sculptures, paintings, drawings, and even photographs. The techniques employed in 3D art can produce remarkable and detailed artworks that are bound to captivate spectators.

Many digital or graphic designers create the illusion of three-dimensional artwork in a two-dimensional setting. For instance, artists who work in movie visual effects use different types of 3D software to transform their ideas from concept sketches into a three-dimensional virtual reality.


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