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There are numerous styles of calligraphy, making it hard to find the perfect calligraphy pens for achieving intricate results. Calligraphy encompasses a range of styles of fancy pen, and deciding on a specific type is not always straightforward.

The three styles of Calligraphy pens:

It has various styles, but fortunately, you can utilize the same tools for each one. After selecting your writing style, there are three primary types of pens to think about: broad-edged, pointed nib, and brush pens. Each of these pens allows you to create different thickness sizes, depending on which style you want to make.

Broad-Edge Calligraphy pen:

Broad-edged pens are the choice for various script styles like Gothic, italics, foundational hand, and Roman capitals. They create distinct lines and beautiful curves due to their flat tip.If you’re just starting out with calligraphy, I suggest using a pen with a broad edge. A bigger nib size will help you achieve the script style you want more easily.

If you don’t possess a broad-edged calligraphy pen, you can experiment with a broad-edged marker. Even though it might not deliver the same level of satisfaction, it can still generate impressive outcomes. For experienced calligraphers, broad-edged dip pens can be their best companion. However, they require more preparation, but the effort is worth it! These dip pens are considered the top choice for calligraphy.

Pointed nib Calligraphy pen:

Next, we offer the pointed nib. It is also known as a calligraphy fountain pen. This option has become increasingly popular, and I prefer it for beginners.

The lines produced by a pointed nib calligraphy pen are graceful, smooth, and fluid, resulting in a beautiful finish that is easy to achieve. The main calligraphy styles with a pointed nib are Spencerian, Modern, and Copperplate.

Brush Calligraphy pen:

Finally, there is brush pen calligraphy. Brush calligraphy has gained immense popularity over the years due to its unique dimension. Using a calligraphy pen that adds texture is seen as an artistic technique.

Brush pens come in various sizes, nib flexibilities, ink flows, and colors. Once you have a vision for your final artwork, you can choose these elements accordingly.

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