2 Easy Painting Ideas That You Will Love


Painting is a beautiful hobby. It allows you to paint your feelings on canvas. So, today, you will see five ideas for painting that you will love. So, let’s get started.

Supplies needed:

  • Watercolor paper
  • Canvas
  • Paintbrushes
  • Water
  • Watercolors or Acrylic paints
Idea # 1: ( paint flower )
  • Be ready with your selection of colors and the canvas you will be painting on.

You can use any color combination you love and want to paint your flower with. I am also using some light and dark shades of colors. So I can paint the texture of the flower easily.

  • Draw a circle of the desired size for your rose.

I have painted a medium-sized circle for my rose. You can paint small or large-sized if you want. The choice of paper or canvas size will determine the outcome.

  • While your circles dry, paint a few leaves.

You can add a touch of red to your green. It creates a more authentic green shade. But you can paint it with a simple green color if you want. You can draw as many leaves as you want in your painting.

  • Now, It’s time to paint petals.

Once your leaves have finished, start making the marks at the center of a circle and form a couple of delicate curves. Repeat that process until you have completed all the flowers. All you have to do is make curved lines.

  • Keep up the work!

Remember to use shades that are similar to the color of a circle. Paint and paint the curved lines until you have completed all the circles with their darker shades.

  • Now, it’s your turn!

After completing the roses, you can add more details or flowers and leaves you want in your painting, and at the end, you can write a message or any of the quotes you want.

Idea # 2 ( paint a sloth )
  • Sketch your sloth and branch on the canvas.

I used a print of sloth to sketch it on my canvas. You can draw by yourself or use the print in this blog to create your sloth on your canvas. I didn’t draw leaves on my canvas. You can draw leaves if you want.

  • Apply paint to the area around the sloth.

For this, you have to mix green color with white to give a texture of light green. You need to apply a mixture of white and green near the sloth’s body. After that, you will apply a green color to the rest of the background.

  • Apply paint to the branch.

I have painted the branch with a combination of brown and black. Use one of your brushes to fill in that shape and make your brushstrokes follow the contour or direction of the branch. As the branch is curved, my brushstrokes naturally follow that direction.

  • The sloth’s body and face need some paint.

For the body, the legs, and the area surrounding the face., I used a mixture of yellow, brown, and white. I made an even lighter mixture for the sloth’s face by mixing more white color.

  • Paint the eyes and claws.

I used a brown hue to paint the eyes. As for the claws, I used a black shade and painted sharp nails for our sloth. Apply firm pressure initially and gradually guide your stroke towards the apex of the claw.

  • Body texture and face.

For the texture of the body, use the brown color that you used to paint the eyes and draw curved lines with it to give a nice texture to the body. For the face, you have to use black color and draw a nose and face like a cat or dog but don’t draw the line between nose and face.

  • Eyes and leaves.

Now, In both of your eyes, draw a black circle to make your eyes look even prettier. For leaves, start drawing random leaves on your canvas with light green color and dark green color. Use the round brush to paint the vines with hookers green. If you want to achieve a smooth and dark green color for the long flowing lines of the vine, mix a small amount of water with the paint.

  • Final touch.

Give the final touch to your painting by adding two little white dots in the black circle of the sloth’s eyes using a stick or cotton bud. It’s ready, sign your name and show it!!

I hope you will like these two ideas!

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