Let’s do some canvas painting!!


Today, I am going to tell you about some canvas painting ideas that you will surely love! So, let’s begin on our canvas painting journey!

What materials do you need to start canvas painting:

  • The first and most important thing is canvas. Canvases come in different sizes, you can choose which you like.
  • After that, comes paints. The paints which you can use in canvas are acrylic and oil paints. But, if you are a beginner, you should choose acrylic paints.
  • Then, comes palette that you will use to mix the paints.
  • You will also need cleaning supplies to wipe your brushes.

Idea # 1: Beautiful and easy daisy painting:

  • Colour the canvas with light shade of blue to give it a effect of sky, and add a little bit of green (create it by mixing your light blue and some yellow colour) in the end of the canvas and blend the paints with a brush.
  • Apply dark green colour to your fan brush (for better results do not dip it in water) and sweep it in upward position to create grass-like strokes. After that, mix your dark green colour with white and again sweep light green colour to create grass-like stokes on the dark green.
  • For petal, start by using a little bit of pressure to begin the stroke, then add more pressure as you move down the petal. Finally, gently lift off with light pressure. Using this technique, make more petals and complete a flower.
  • After that, fill the canvas with flowers. To make daisies that look like they’re reaching for the sky from the side, use the same petal strokes but shape the flower like an umbrella.
  • Then, use a small round brush to fill the centre of daisies with any dark brown colour.
  • After that, make stems using dark green colour.
  • It is ready!!

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