Secrets of Calligraphy Ink


There are many calligraphy ink in the market for you that you can use while doing calligraphy. But, in this blog post, I will suggest different calligraphy inks for different levels. So, let’s not waste our time and begin!!

If you are a beginner, you can use sumi ink:

Sumi calligraphy ink is from Japan and is best for calligraphy and brush painting. This ink is permanent and steady. Once it dries, it cannot be rewetted or reused. Moreover, it doesn’t tend to bleed when wet-mounted.

If you are a watercolor lover, you can use Ziller soot-black ink:

Ziller Inks are created using finely ground pigments and are acrylic-based. They work smoothly with both pointed and edged nibs. These inks have a pH balance that ensures long-term preservation.

If you are an intermediate calligrapher, you can use iron gall ink:

Iron Gall ink is an excellent choice for intermediate calligraphers. In the past, this ink used to wear down nibs rapidly because of its high acidity. However, it is specially formulated with a powdered eggshell to neutralize the pH, resulting in longer-lasting nibs. I recommend you to use it with a dip pen.

If you are trying to find earthy ink, you can use Daniel Smith walnut ink:

Daniel Smith Walnut Ink is a fantastic choice for enhancing the warmth of your work and the historical charm of sketches made with permanent black ink. When it works with calligraphy pens, this ink adds a lovely, transparent, warm tone to lettering.

If you have a colorful personality, you can use Bombay India ink:

Martins Bombay India Inks are vibrant colors that resemble precious jewels. These inks contain the characteristics of watercolors, but they are resistant to fading and waterproof once they dry. Bombay inks are known for their ability to flow smoothly without clogging, making them suitable for brushes, technical pens, dip pens, or airbrushes. That’s why I also use them.

If you are finding white ink, you can use bleed-proof white ink:

Bleed Proof White is a type of watercolor paint. It was first known as a correction fluid. This white ink was known for calligraphy due to its matte finish and popularity. The ink is known for its opaque white color and ability to create thin, delicate lines.

If you are looking for glamorous ink, you can use Arabic gold watercolor:

You can easily adjust the consistency and transparency of the Arabic gold watercolor calligraphy ink. It can be used for calligraphy and watercolor painting, making it versatile. Once it dries, you don’t have to worry about smudging it when erasing pencil guidelines near or under your gold calligraphy. It’s also portable, so there is no risk of ink spilling.

If you are a traveler, you can use watercolors as calligraphy ink:

Watercolor calligraphy is a unique style of calligraphy. It replaces traditional ink with watercolor paints. This method combines calligraphy with the lively colors of paint. It entails using a fine-tipped brush to carefully and intentionally apply paint onto paper, resulting in beautifully formed letters.

I hope you will find it helpful!

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